QANTAS – How to crash before takeoff.

| October 31, 2011

Perhaps it’s time we started a new truly Australian airline because Alan Joyce has killed QANTAS.

QANTAS – the Un-Australian Airline?

| October 29, 2011

To be fair, QANTAS had a great safety record up to the last few years, which would be fine if I had a time machine to go back and fly on one of those planes. I don’t and I’m stuck on this plane now, with a disgruntled staff, repairs done in some third world nation for the lowest dollar, all administered by a management that is bleeding the company dry while it tries to tell me the Indian accent from “the captain speaking” is safe and normal for an Australian airline.

Fukushima – What’s new? (2)

| October 4, 2011

Unlike Chernobyl, the radioactive material is not all in the reactor.