Fukushima – The real decontamination problem – Part 2

| September 23, 2013

Unlike chemical contamination, radioactive contamination of water from the Fukushima site is far more complicated. We are not just talking particles of radioactive material contaminating the water, it’s the water itself that is still dangerously toxic even when the other contaminants are removed.

Fukushima – The real decontamination problem – Part 1

| September 4, 2013

The Japanese government has finally begun to create a clean-up and decontamination fund to do something about the ongoing contamination. The final bill will probably be so high, it might even require an international fund to meet the costs…The problem is, we only have the technology to deal with part of the problem.

How are carbon credits created and traded?

| September 4, 2013

Here’s how they do it in Europe. This example is from Ireland but the system is the same throughout Europe.