Is Trump the shake-up we need?

Posted By on February 3, 2017

While the Western world has used diplomacy and political correctness, countries like North Korea, Iran and hostile groups like ISIS have used threats and abuses of human rights. The United Nations has admonished governments for abuses of human rights, genocide and corruption but this has had little effect. People wanted a change and the outspoken Donald Trump appeared an alternative. People felt it was time to put someone in the drivers seat who spoke their mind.

With China seeking to claim the South China Sea as it’s own (and therefore all the oil and gas field beneath) and control all the shipping to and from it’s neighbors, we needed someone who would speak openly when they saw injustice and bullying, maybe someone willing to do a bit of bullying back, not just another simpering diplomat.

While we stuck to our freedom of religion ethics, Muslims wreaked terror the world over. Maybe it was time to speak out or at least shut the door and prevent any more of them entering, while we sorted out the ones we had already. Yes there’s thousands of “moderate” Muslims who were no trouble at all. But the sad fact is, the one common denominator for most of these terror attacks was they followed Islam. Some are black, some white, some are Asian even. They come from Islamic countries but some also come from within our own countries too. The recurring theme is Islam and they are sheltering behind our freedom of religion ethic. Maybe it’s time we changed the rules a little. Let’s not ban their religion but let them know, if you don’t want to fit in, then go elsewhere, like back to the land your warmongering brothers, killing each other on religious grounds, made untenable.

If we look at Islamic history, their records repeatedly document internal wars and a deep rooted hatred between the two Islamic factions. Even after conquering most of their known world, their empire fell apart, not from outside invasion but from murderous infighting that divided them, to the extent they became targets for lesser armies. You could argue a similar schism in history between the Catholics and Protestants but the difference is we got over it. The Muslims never have. Today, many centuries later, the Sunni and Shiite Muslims are still trying to slaughter each other. When they got leaders who were corrupt and begged the rest of the world to step in, to stop the genocide, the killing never stopped because the two factions of Islam couldn’t get their act together to form a stable government afterwards.

If a group of Christians were running around giving the Catholic or Anglican faiths a bad name, I’m pretty sure the “moderate” Christians would be doing something about it – a bit more than the “moderate” Islamic people are doing today. We’d be drowning governments in protests world wide and our heads of religion would be pushing to resolve the issue. I don’t see a concerted effort from the Islamic leaders.

Meantime we step in and cop the wrath and abuse from both sides who were intent on killing each others followers. Perhaps this is a case for changing the U.N’s charter to contain these wars within their home country and let them fight it out. It’s not the kindest action but if we keep going with our current charter, we end up fighting wars that cannot be won. There was some truth in Trump’s appraisal of the U.N. as being a waste of time.

Unfortunately the outspoken Trump we saw, was only half of it. What wasn’t on display, was the braggart egotist bigot that formed opinions without weighing all the facts. While we heard Donald Trump was prepared to speak his mind, what he didn’t tell us, was he often speaks when his mind is not engaged.

Unfortunately, solutions are not that simple. It doesn’t matter if you have the most toys in the sandpit, acting like a spoiled brat will isolate you and lose your allies – now who’s got all the power?
Sure you can be best buddies with Russia, but for all their sabre rattling, don’t forget they couldn’t pay a large part of their army’s wages. I recall reports that there were concerns about the decrepit state of their navy and the risk it posed from poorly maintained nuclear powered warships. Then there’s the Kurst – the submarine that was leading Russian technology – shame they didn’t think to use that same technology to design a rescue vessel. And there’s Chernobyl – the world’s worst disaster the Russians tried to pretend never happened. You get to that stage where the only kids who will play with you in the sand pit, are the deceitful ones no-one wants to be friends with.

But let’s not be too negative, after all the US presidential elections have taught us quite a few lessons:

It is true what they say, that anyone can become president of the USA – even spoiled brats who never grew up.

American Democracy is a sham. It boils down to whoever has the most money, wins. There’s “votes” and “popular votes” and neither count for the result.

You can’t fool all the people, all the time but you can fool all America most of the time that it takes for an election.

The USA is the only country in the world that is democratic and protests when someone is democratically elected.

American politics is like a game of Bridge with cheaters. You might have the only Trump in the game but your still a loser.

An “alternative truth” in the USA, is not lie. It’s an illogical conclusion supported by conflicting facts.

I never thought I’d ever feel sorry for the USA until now but I guess when to sit back and let a bunch of fat cats stuff up your voting system, you deserve what you get.

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