Meanwhile in the USA

Posted By on August 19, 2017

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, you have to give him some credit for cutting costs at the Whitehouse.

His unique management style, a mixture of egotism, arrogance and ignorance while being completely contradictory, is reducing his staff and the various advisory panels, down to a tiny clique of brown nosed nepotists. If cost-cutting was his objective, it is working surprisingly well. Unfortunately it’s a finite pool of people. At the current rate of attrition, he will soon have to start divorcing his own family – that will halve the Whitehouse budget.

In lieu of any monument to his achievements, (which might be torn down, wrecking even more distasteful American history) they should install a revolving door in the Oval Office as an entry/exit for the sole use his team members. Of course it goes without saying he will have to erect some edifice to appease his ego.

Did you know that Donald Trump is actually a firm believer in global warming?

His obstinate denial is a brilliant act based entirely on business principles. When you own so much beach frontage real estate, you really don’t have much choice, when it comes to denying rising sea levels.

According to the polls, his popularity is so low that we cannot look forward to Donald Trump being invited to host a re-run of the TV show, “The Apprentice”. However there is talk around the European studios of offers to take a up a career as a stand-up comedian, based on his past presidential record. He already has acquired a large audience and demonstrated great talent there, since he is the first president to get the rest of the world laughing at America.

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