Has anyone else spotted the irony?

Posted By on August 31, 2017

Has anyone else spotted the irony:

  • Hurricane Harvey, the worlds first Hurricane acclaimed linked to global warming strikes Texas and hits the USA’s 4th largest city.
  • The scientific community is saying that Hurricane Harvey is definitely related to global warming. The warmer air holds more moisture, which is why the hurricanes are increasing in the amount of rain they deliver as seen in Houston.
  • The USA president, Donald Trump, denies climate change and that global warming is man made.

I get this mental image of God sitting up there looking down on Texas and Trump and saying, (with a Texan drawl), “Well? Do you believe me now?

And Mexico has even offered aid to hurrucane Harvey victims, who, I bet they are glad that wall never got built.

I think the fake media has spotted the great irony because they keep showing us images of Texas where 30 people have perished and not images of India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, where their floods have killed over 1,200 people.

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