September in the USA … and here we go again!

Posted By on September 5, 2017

Here we go again! How many times has the US economy faced a spending crisis?

Each time it gets worse and they have to borrow more and more.

Considering the US Dollar is a world currency benchmark, the fact that they can’t get their own economy together is alarming, internationally. Once again they can’t balance their books and have to extend the limit on the amount their government can borrow, just to fund the basics. When Greece did this it was blocked because it reached the point where it could not make the repayments. The USA debt ceiling was put in place to prevent the same thing happening in the USA – but it’s been raised …. and raised again….. and now it will have to be raised again!

Before the end of September, the US government has to raise their debt ceiling just to pay the usual government cost . . . again! Failure to do so means public servants like police, military, and all government services (pensions, customs, coast guard, intelligence, immigration etc) will not get paid. Being a capitalist nation, by their own constitution, that means they don’t have to come to work!

But wait there’s more :

  • It promised to fund children’s medical expenses to patch up a hole in their health program.
  • It tried to scrap Obamacare, their public medical insurance program and failed, so they have to fund the arrears for that.
  • They have to find funds for Hurricane Harvey, to rebuild Houston infrastructure, then fund compensation to families to start the reconstruction of the thousands of lost homes damaged in the floods. In addition they have to pay the extra relief services (welfare, health care, emergency accommodation, extra policing against looters, clean up crews, administration to manage assess and process claims) until that reconstruction has progressed to the point where people can be independent once more – probably one of two years at least.
  • All this has to be decided and passed through the political machine that is debating whether their leader colluded with the Russians to swing the election. This will take up much of the available senate and congress time before they go into recess.
  • In the shadows of congress you have various members on both sides mumbling impeachment for Trump (a polite name for sacking the top dog and stripping away their immunity from prosecution).
  • Add to all this a nut case at the helm, who says let the government shut down until I get what I want – unlimited funds to build a wall to keep out the Mexicans, who we need to help build the wall! – (Yes, you read that right – the US does not have the skilled labour to undertake the job of building the wall). That labour comes from immigrants from … you guessed it … Mexico and neighboring South American countries).

If you thought the US Government behaved like a bunch of spoiled brats when Obama was in power, these Trump lunatics just wrote the text book for irresponsible government.

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