Shame on you Australia!

Posted By on December 22, 2017

In the 1967 war, Israel invaded Palestine in spite of UN sanctions and stole a large chunk of Palestine that includes Jerusalem today. In 1980 Israel declared Jerusalem it’s capital but the UN voted to reject the idea. Under International Law, the same law that recognises Israel as a state, any country that invades another cannot claim territory it has taken, as it’s own.

When the US said it would not only recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but in an added slap in the face to the rest of the world, would move it’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the UN refused to accept the idea. Not only is it in breach of International Law but it also would be a very public slap in the face for all of Islam. Like the Christians, they too regard Jerusalem as a significant religious site. Aside from the legality of the situation, it makes common sense to leave Jerusalem alone. Calling it part of Israel would unite all the Islamic factions in a holy war against the USA and all it’s allies.

If close allies like Australia had the balls to vote for the UN sanction against recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, it would have been a wake up call for Trump, telling the US administration that it had overstepped the line. Unfortunately Australia caved in to Trump’s threats and abstained from voting, demonstrating to all the Islamic nations it is in the USA’a pocket. If it was low on the list of Jehad targets yesterday, it’s gutless actions just moved itself up to the top of the list today.

While the Australian government might believe the USA will protect it in the event of a terrorist war, they might find reality a little different. Until now only ISIL has been targeting the USA. Now all of Islam could target the USA, creating a terrorist war there and abroad. If this blows up, not only the Arab nations will target USA and it’s allies but the South East Asian nations with their predominantly Islamic population will be drawn into the fray as well.
And who is the nearest US ally in their region?
Top of the hit parade will be Australia, just a short boat ride away and Pine Gap, the control center for all the USA drone activity in that half of the world. Australia with it’s vast unprotected coastline and neighbors who are still reeling from being screwed over the Timor gas field swindle, it’s mining companies raping their lands and dumping it’s unwanted in offshore illegal prison camps. Australia has a long history of arrogance in the region. The few countries it shares good relations with, are already struggling with Islamic uprisings. The rest could quite easily turn a blind eye, like the Americans did to New Zealand in the Rainbow Warrior bombing.

Is the same Donald Trump, who is going to make America great and doesn’t give a stuff about anyone else, going to rush to Australia’s aid while he has so many other battles going on?

Australia missed an opportunity to do what was right by both law and common sense. It could have made a stand to curb Donald Trump’s stupid arrogance. Instead it has shown the world it is a spineless wimp, Donald Trump’s personal brown nosed suckhole.

Even worse, it was shamed by it’s neighbor, New Zealand, who stood by it’s principles and voted “No” to recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, like the majority of other UN members.

Shame on you Australia!


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