What’s all the fuss about?

Posted By on February 4, 2018

During the presidential election campaign, there was a meeting between Donald Trump’s election campaigners and some high level Russians, claiming to have some dirt on Trumps opposition, Hillary Clinton. That much we do know but it could have been more. This raises questions about US security (how the Russians got this information and what was it?) and to what extent did they influence the election outcome (or attempt to)?

The Intelligence community service has the job of finding out what happened and determining if the election was influenced or any arrangement was made that could compromise members of the White House or pose a security risk. If so they can tell the Judiciary to procedd with charges and disciplinary actions. Because the White House is involved, it cannot investigate itself – that would be like letting the fox interview the chickens.

The investigation begins with the Intelligence community who decide if there is anything suspicious. If so, it passes the investigation over to the FBI. The FBI has the right to interview people to get to the bottom of the matter. If it finds anyone has acted against the law, it refers their findings to the Judiciary for prosecution of the offenders.

Trump and his followers have repeatedly claimed there is nothing wrong. First, they denied any collusion with the Russians. Then we discover that not only did Trump campaigners actually meet the Russians, but Trump’s right hand man was at the meeting and helped arrange it!

Donald Trump denies any knowledge of this meeting and wriggles off the hook because he wasn’t personally there at the meeting.

As the facts begin to emerge and we get a few names from the investigators, we find that Trump’s top man (Flynn) lied to the FBI investigators, so he’s fired as Trump tries to distance himself from the fray and look innocent. Shortly after, when it’s apparent that the investigation is still ongoing, Trump fires the head of the FBI , James Comey, replacing him with someone he believes will be on his (Trump’s) own side. Even this person decides the investigation should continue, much to Trump’s concern and he’s even tried to fire this guy, the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller!

The person, Don McGahn, The White House Counsel (a.k.a. the White House lawyer), who was to deliver the news o the new Special Counsel Robert Mueller, advised Trump that even the most brainless Trump supporter would see this as an attempt to cover up something. Such a move would be political suicide. Trump ignored this advice and ordered him to deliver the message, whereupon the messenger, Don McGahn, bluntly refused and said he would resign. Reluctantly Trump is stuck with this investigation.

Trump’s latest ruse is to deflect attention away from the investigation and discredit the FBI. If he can’t stop the investigation findings, he can contaminate the investigation at the fact finding stage. That seems to be the current White House strategy.

It works like this: while there is an investigation in progress, the information the FBI gets, is kept secret until it is no longer sensitive. This prevents the bad guys covering their tracks and messing with witnesses – standard police procedure. Until now, the Government has complied with this and not released any information that could compromise an FBI investigation. The White House Press Office has always worked closely with the FBI on this matter – until now.

This latest memo was not supposed to be released to the public but for the first time, the White House has ignored the FBI’s request and released a sensitive FBI document but to cover their backsides they chopped and changed it, reducing it from a coherent memo to mindless drivel. The end result is – no harm done – or is it?

Firstly- let’s not lose site of the bigger picture: If there’s nothing to hide, why all the fuss? If the meeting with the Russians, that didn’t happen, then did, didn’t result in anything that could influence the election (but maybe did), why try to block the investigation?

Secondly, the fact that so many high up officials are losing their jobs during this investigation is cause for concern. Is there massive corruption and incompetence in the Intelligence Community, FBI and Judiciary or is the White House hampering an investigation, maybe knowing the evidence is going to expose their own corruption?

Thirdly, when the FBI is investigating an incident, it should have the right to prevent the White House from releasing anything sensitive that could effect the FBI’s investigation. To allow this sort of interference is opening the door to top level corruption.

Although the document itself is of no consequence, what is alarming is the way the White House has descended to this level of blatant obstruction, subversion and corruption – so obvious that it has become a world laughing stock. It all points to something much larger than we know about, that the Trump administration doesn’t want to be found – all the more reason for the White House to back off and let the FBI and Judiciary do their jobs.

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