Shame on you Australia!

| December 22, 2017

Australia missed an opportunity to do what was right by both law and common sense. It could have made a stand to curb Donald Trump’s stupid arrogance. Instead it has shown the world it is a spineless wimp, Donald Trump’s personal brown nosed suckhole.

Australia, Mining and Peak food.

| July 1, 2015

… the people at the lower socio-economic end of the population will starve, priced out of the market, even though they may live in a land where food is grown in abundance.

Peak food and our future

| June 22, 2015

As a nation Australia runs the risk of losing our greatest natural an renewable asset – our ability to grow an abundance of food.

If you thought the GFC was bad, here’s what’s coming. . . Part 3

| December 23, 2014

The future will move towards nests of residences sharing smaller more efficient utilities. A cluster of 4 to 12 homes may share a sewage plant and gas generating plant fuelled by by-products of their combined waste.

Ebola – We have 50 days!

| October 29, 2014

But we’re safe way over here on the other side of the world . . . . or are we: . . . . Merry Christmas Perth – Fred just gave you Ebola.

Is “full time” becoming extinct?

| July 23, 2014

Companies need to wake up; you can’t sell Asian goods to jobless Australians. They might be cheaper but if your customers are under-employed, they have nothing to spend!

Earnings – the way they fudge the figures – exposed.

| July 8, 2014

Because the statistics deal in averages, what they won’t show is the widening gap between the rich and the poor and the vanishing middle class in between.

Budget – Meh! Missed the boat again.

| May 15, 2014

Of course “everyone” was emphasised, meaning “even the wealthy have to chip in too” and it appears like they have too, with a 2.5% levy on incomes over $180,000. But don’t be fooled it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Why Australia is Ffffed

| May 11, 2014

. . . they got a panel of like minded “experts” to review our spending and come up with enough cuts to correct the problem within 10 years. . . .If they were truly experts, they’d have also asked, “Are we spending too much or making too little?”

Why politics is out national sport

| May 5, 2014

The new Liberal government was having a field day rubbing the opposition’s nose in the mess and advertising just how corrupt they were, making sure the press had full access to the sordid details. Unfortunately they weren’t quite so innocent themselves.