Thinking Ahead – Retirement Worries?

| February 12, 2017

For many of us, retirement probably feels a long way off – too far to think about today. Unfortunately we have memories of our Grandparents spending time with the Grand kids and travelling, and assume that we’ll retire the same way. Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s highly unlikely. In 1938, Michael Joseph Savage, […]

The Pension Crisis – Part 1 – The Perfect Storm

| August 3, 2016

Many of those pensioners who would have been self refunded retirees, will now draw the aged pension. To cover this shortfall. More money will come out of taxation. Eventually taxes will have to rise and benefit payments reduced right across the board, become more difficult to qualify for.

Where’s the future ?

| April 29, 2014

Or to put it another way, the governments (all the different parties) don’t charge their corporate mates enough taxes and it’s those on lower employee wages that carry the brunt of the country.